About Easton Place


Easton Place

Easton Place is a design studio located in the New England country-side. Our goal is to create sweet illustrations that grace our "fine paper lovelies" and gifts for friends, self and home. We hope to play a role in keeping the handwritten note in fashion.

Our Designer

All of our designs are hand-drawn by Patti Wunder: Purdue University graduate, former educator, now wife, mother of two and tennis fanatic. Besides her love of fine papers and sweet illustrations, Patti also makes time everyday for music, dark chocolate and her goldendoodle, Aggie. This one-time midwest girl now lives, plays and works in New England, not far from New York City.

 Fun Facts about Ms. Wunder

  • She is a classically trained Flautist and still plays at home and at public events.
  • She grew up on a working farm in Indiana. The farm included cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, hunting dogs, cats, an orchard, a garden and a berry patch!
  • She has never ice skated, though she does have a pair of white roller skates with yellow pom-poms on them.
  • She "calls dibs" on all the red popsicles in the multi-pack.
  • She has music playing nearly all day long.
  • She loves very ripe strawberries, corn on the cob, and tomato sandwiches in August.
  • She daydreams about living on Martha's Vineyard.
  • Her favorite movie: "Mary Poppins". Favorite book: "Water for Elephants". This month's favorite musician: Ryan Lerman.
  • Her office associate, Aggie-the-Goldendoodle, was named in honor of Andre Agassi.




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